Мейн-кун - Кошка - голубой мраморный с белым

Мейн-кун - Кошка - голубой мраморный с белым
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Мейн-кун - Кошка - голубой мраморный с белым | маленькое фото 1 Мейн-кун - Кошка - голубой мраморный с белым | маленькое фото 2 Мейн-кун - Кошка - голубой мраморный с белым | маленькое фото 3 Мейн-кун - Кошка - голубой мраморный с белым | маленькое фото 4 Нет фото 1

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Возраст 1 год 9 мес.

Окрас голубой мраморный с белым

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STARKS DOMINIC - large and heavy Maine Coon in a rare for our cattery color: blue marbled with white. Large long, as papa Darcy, with smart white shirt, tummy and even on lovely white gloves and socks didn't scrimp on mother Lyric. Playful tassels, a trademark of Maine Coons, adorn Dominic's ears. The kitty cat looks very solid and impressive, a wonderful representative of the breed: a solid body with a long regular shape and a very heavy, good fluffy tail - the pride of Maine Coon. Maine Coons - cats are long development, they grow very long. Fully formed cat will be 3-5 years. Dominic is now 18 months old, and this is a mature kitten, he will still grow and mature, but already now he is much more his father. He is ready to leave the cattery and move to his own family, he is well-bred, neutered, fully vaccinated. DARSY STARKS and STARKS LYRIC - Dominik's parents are titled Exhibition Maine Coons. Dominic is a kind, calm and well-mannered cat, his favorite resting places are the couch or bed, the cat complex. Often he can be seen in the kitchen, Dominik - not a timid fellow, which will guarantee a quick adaptation to the new home. He is actively communicating with other cats, used to live in a group, but he will be comfortable as the only cat in the family. He knows his name very well and responds to it. He likes to play with the waggler, laser pointer, and physical exercise is recommended. Dominic is not camera shy and enjoys posing. Dominic has received excellent coat quality from his parents. The care of his coat is so uncomplicated that it does not require regular bathing, Dominic hardly ever has any tangles. However, brushing will keep Dominic looking his best, as well as giving him mutual pleasure. You should bathe Dominique when the coat is dirty and/or during an active shedding period, which will quickly tidy up the beautiful coat of a kitty. Maine Coons love their clean and well-groomed coats, and they show off the beauty and shine of their luxurious coats like on a catwalk. Dominik uses a big litter box without litter (with a mesh), of course, he digs bentonite and wood litter with pleasure. For clawing he uses the scratching post. Nutrition - a natural meat and bone diet. Vidotypic ration - natural, healthy and pleasant in cost, it can be bought in any supermarket. Born 17.06.2019, currently lives in the cattery Maine Coon STARKS in Moscow (Russia). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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